Crouch End Eagles - Baseball Hoodie


The valley of Crouch End is the home to many forms of diverse and interesting wildlife; not least the colony of eagles that settled in the marshes around Park Road in the mid 1970s. A local American Football team started up around the same time, and decided to name themselves after these fearsome creatures. Their route to success was quick, and star quarterback LaDerek "Rooster Booster" Hedblom led them to their first Conference North final in 1977 where they were pummeled 63-7 by the Muswell Hill Mammoths. Their slightly dented pride was restored in 1980 when they bulldozed their way through the season, and capped it off by winning the London Megabowl in an epic game of four quarters against the Putney Panthers. Re-live this proud moment by donning this tee and your bicycle helmet, chucking a deflated football around Priory Park and shouting "TOUCHDOWN!" at the top of your voice.

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