Fame & Glory is a unique clothing brand based in London. Tired of generic tshirt and hoodie designs professing to be from Japan's 3rd biggest city, or somewhere equally uninspiring, we set out to bring a touch of relevance to the fore. The Wear Your Neighbourhood range was born.

London is undoubtedly one of the world's great cities - a city to be proud of and a brand in itself. However as its residents well know, the city isn't one entity but more a finely woven quilt of neighbourhoods. Westminster, Mayfair, Camden. All pretty well known outside of London and the UK. The Queen, Monopoly and punk rock saw to that. Crouch End, Herne Hill, Hoxton. Now you're showing off! Fame & Glory aims to celebrate the city's neighbourhoods through a fresh & imaginative blend of facts and outrageous speculation. All garments are designed and printed in London. Naturally.

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